The world of demolition

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UAE may be the only place you will see so much of demolition happening around each day. Especially in Abu Dhabi. Most of the buildings are not even 20 yrs old. Many such old buildings are demolished for constructing new high rise buildings. As a result, there is a shortage of residential appartments and villas. Whatever available can be grabbed only with a premium rent. Enjoy viewing some demolition scenes. When you look at them, you may feel as if you are in Lebanon. At office, I have some Lebanese colleagues and tell them that they do not miss their country’s present status as they see these demolition scenes every day on their way to and from office. Only difference – there, it is due to war, here it is due to the different or sub-standard quality sand used for constructing older buildings in the late 70s which government is trying to replace by new ones. A different look, from the distance, you may think that you are at one of the historical sites of Jordan.

By using controlled demolition

By using normal methods

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