Egg Prices to go up in UAE

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‘70% of Indian eggs purchased by hotels’
By Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter / Gulf News Published: July 31, 2007, 23:42

Abu Dhabi: There will be a shortage of eggs following the ban on the import of Indian poultry products.

The retail prices of eggs in the country may go up by 10 to 30 per cent soon following the ban on the import of Indian poultry products, said retail chains. Supermarkets disclosed that some egg suppliers have already given them notice to increase the price.

The UAE has imposed a temporary ban on the import of all kinds of birds and products from India after bird flu was detected there, WAM reported yesterday.

Dr Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Minister of Environment and Water, said the ban covers “all domestic and wild birds, including ornamental birds and products.” The decision was taken as a precautionary measure following reports by the World Organisation for Animal Health on the emergence of bird flu cases in India.

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