Fertil Abu Dhabi launches $240m expansion programme

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Fertil launches $240m expansion programme
BY HASEEB HAIDER – Khaleej Times
20 July 2007
ABU DHABI — Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (Fertil), a subsidiary of Adnoc Group, has launched an expansion programme valuing $240 million to add 50 per cent capacity to its Urea manufacturing facilities.

At a ceremony held at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Fertil signed two contracts for the Urea Plant Debottlenecking Project with Descon Engineering of Pakistan worth $177 million, while a contract was signed with M/s Urea Casale of Switzerland for providing the technology and licence for the Urea Plant modifications.

Mohammed Rashid Al Rashid, General Manager Fertil, speaking on the occasion said:” We have taken a strategic decision to convert our surplus liquid Ammonia into Urea, which is more convenient to store, handle and export.”

He said the Carbon dioxide required for this process will be recovered from the presently vented Reformer Flue Gases, resulting in annual reduction in Green House Gases emissions of approximately 100,000 tonnes of CO2, resulting in 20 per cent reductions. This is very much in line with the International Co2 sequestrations process, clean development mechanism and Kyoto protocol objective.

In addition, the conversion of 90,000 metric tonne per year (MTPD) of ammonia into urea will be supplie to the new Melamine plant and process off gases and carbamate return from the Melamine Plant as well.

Fertil’s plant currently produces 1000 metric tonnes per day (MTPD) Topsoe designed Ammonia and 1500 metric per day (MTPD) Stamicarbon Urea plant. Since, Fertil’s establishment in 1983, the Urea production capacity was increased by 20 per cent. Of 2700 metric tonnes per day manufacturing capacity of urea, about 800 metric tonnes per day will be supplied to the Melamine plant and remaining 1900 metric tonnes per day of Urea production will be Granulated and exported.

The Granulation unit Technology Licence is provided by M/s Uhde Fertilizer Technology of Netherlands and the unit is designed for 2500 metric tonnes per day. The Carbon Dioxide Recovery technology and licence is provided by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and the unit will have a capacity of 400 metric tonnes per day of Co2.

Speaking on the occasion, Shaikh Azhar Ali CEO and Managing Director of Descon Engineering said that the company has vast experience in the setting up Urea plants, after establishing the group’s own mega unit in Pakistan.

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