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Dear Members,

Again another change from Team 1 news. I used to address you all, Dear friends and Dear Patrons. I realised the big mistake in it yesterday while I was talking to a CEO friend of mine, just before he was leaving for a crucial staff meeting. With conflicts in views and thoughts around it was something like a mediatory meeting to console and adjoin two warring factions within the establishment. He told me on his way – I am not going there as a CEO. I am going there as a Team Leader and let me see how I can change the situation. And he did. It was another eye opener to me. In a successful team, only members exist. Each one has a definite and distinct role and it is up to them to play it in the best way they can with a common vision. Just like that of a well tuned musical orchestra – the sound coming out from it should be melodious and memorable forever.

Keep writing and do not hold on to your thoughts as Your Comments Count.

God Bless,

Ramesh Menon

One thought on “Team 1 news – 21 Jun 07- Pg 1

    K M Nair said:
    June 26, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Dear Ramesh,

    Good Afternoon. It is correct that all should be members. I was under the impression that you have some Patrons and other Editorial Members who are looking after the show. If it is not the case , then all should be MEMBERS and the address should be like that.

    Any way it is getting good to better every day. Bravo and please keep it up.
    Best Regards,


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