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Tuesday, 19th June 2007

Dear Friends & Dear Patrons,

I am very delighted, as always, to make time and bring you another issue of our Team 1 news with interesting and informative articles and pictures on TQM and Positive Thinking.

There have been several new developments going on at the background you are seeing it one by one. It’s all part and parcel of a chain reaction process of thoughts – one thing leading to another and on and on. This is the only reason, I am writing repeatedly about the importance of getting Your Comments and Feed backs. It has the greatest value on earth, when it reaches the mailbox So, please do not relax on this particular request.

Enjoy reading, and be proud to generate a Quality Feeling, in whatever you do, wherever you are. If I write to you that we are on to something great very soon, I know by now, you believe me and wait to watch it happen. It’s going to happen soon. You will enjoy being a part of that too.

Please make it a point to bookmark because very soon, daily news feeds will cease to exist. Spread the thoughts around in your own way.

Have a great day,

Ramesh Menon

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