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A 3D model of TQM, having People, Product and Process as the 3 axis.
For Implementing TQM, all the 3 parameters should be improved.

1. People: Satisfaction of both Internal and External customer.
2. Product: Conforming to the requirements specified.
3. Process: Continuous Improvement of all the operations and activities is at the heart of TQM.


is the Japanese concept for House Keeping.

1.) Sort (Seiri)
2.) Straighten (Seiton)
3.) Shine (Seiso)
4.) Standardize (Seiketsu)
5.) Sustain (Shitsuke)


This standard defines the procedure of “5Z Accreditation” which is the scheme to promote, evaluate, maintain and improve process control using the Genba Kanri principles.
“5Z” is a general term for the following five actions ending with “ZU”…meaning “Don’t” in Japanese.

-UKETORAZU (Don’t accept defects)
-TSUKURAZU (Don’t make defects)
-BARATSUKASAZU (Don’t create variation)
-KURIKAESAZU (Don’t repeat mistakes)
-NAGASAZU (Don’t supply defects)

6 Ms

The traditional 6Ms are:

* Machines

* Methods

* Materials

* Measurements

* Mother Nature (Environment)

* Manpower (People)


Your project planning should answer following question:

WHAT : What will you make/do this?
WHY : Why will you make/do this?
WHERE : Where will you make/do this?
WHO : Who will make/do this?
WHEN : When will you start/stop this (time scheduling)?
WHICH : Which will you make/do this (process, tooling, material sources etc…)?

7 QC Tools

Cause and Effect Diagram
Check Sheets
Pareto Diagrams
Control Charts
Scatter Diagrams

These are 7 QC tools also known as ISHIKAWAS 7QC tools which revolutionized the Japan & the World in Sixties & Seventies

These tools make wonders by leading u to “WORLD CLASS”