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October 2nd – Gandhi Jayanthi

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TALENT SHARE 2008 – a thank you note

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Dear all,

What a wonderful Eid Al Fitr! I was really enjoying each moment of this year’s Eid break. It was like literally following one of the management mantra for happiness – enjoy each moment of what you are doing and find happiness in whatever you do.

As you all have been witnessing, it was fun time travelling around with a small group of children and their parents. Why parents? Yes, without the help of their parents, who made it a point to find time and send the creative work of their children to my email, it would not have come online now. How do you know whether those entries have been created by children? This was one question which was asked to me by several persons when I ventured ahead with the idea of the Talent Share 2008 competition. I did not have two minds then and even now about the intentions. It was an opportunity where a parent devoted time for his child. The result, 32 children participated – of course a small number from an outsider’s perspective. Not for me, as I am always positive about whatever obstructions or difficulties in life and believe that it is an opportunity ahead for me. Many of the activities that are happening are also due to a reaction process which is converting an opportunity for me as well as others around.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the parents of all those children who participated in this event. You will not regret about this time well spent. I will make sure for it. Secondly (actually it should have been the first) I would like to say thanks to my family who supported me during this event, my manager who came forward with a good share in terms of the prizes and Mr. Mark, my friend and legal advisor and then a set of individuals who supported me with assistance to promote and share their knowledge and guidance with me. Special mention includes to Vijayettan from Dubai and 89.1 FM radio station team who announced a few times about this event. I also thank ISC Abu Dhabi, GCC Malayalees Yahoo Group, Shaji of Rachana Abu Dhabi, Amrita TV forum, Cite HR Forum, Mr. Franson and Mr. Benny of Christ College Alumni and several others who encouraged me to promote the run up of this event through their respective groups and activities.

This was not a commercial event and hence you didn’t get an opportunity to see many participants and entries here. However, this is the beginning of a slow movement towards a bigger one. An initiative to explore the talents of young children who are interested in non-performing arts and provide them with an opportunity has already been created. In the coming days, efforts will be made to work and identify those talents who did not get an opportunity this time. As valuable readers, you may also spread word around and if you feel that you have identified a child who has it in him to take you to the world around through his creative writing or drawing, do not hesitate to send me a copy of their creativity and I will happily publish it.

Work has started on assessing the entries and very soon you all the participants will be notified here and individually about how experts viewed and rated their creativity. Prizes will be forwarded to each one of the participants through respective school authorities with a notification to their parents by email.

Thanking you once again and keep visiting to read regular updates.

Ramesh Menon

Photo Speaks – Moods of Eid

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A group of Pakistanis having a relaxed time after the Eid prayers

It’s all group discussion time on this public holiday.

Whether Eid or not, there are some who are always in action, to keep the society clean and healthy for a good living.