Day: April 4, 2020

News Update: COVID-19: Disinfection drive extended to 24 hours in Dubai

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Strict measures in place to restrict movement in Dubai to curb spread of coronavirus


  • The measures will be effective from 8pm on Saturday, April 4, 2020 for a period of two weeks, subject to renewal.
  • Individuals will not be allowed to leave the house, except for essential purposes or if they are working in vital sectors exempted from the restrictions.
  • All people leaving home should wear a mask, gloves and ensure they keep a safe distance from others.
  • Source: Gulf News

Mind Speaks : COVID Times

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Mind Speaks. Truly speaks. Photography is something I am always passionate about. Staying at home, I am now exploring what can I do differently to come out with some interesting subjects to click.

This morning, when I looked outside through my windows, I found my subject for the day. I am always fascinated by palm trees and looking at them on the side of the road, I noticed the shadows for each one of them. Why not observe them closely today?

Here is the result. A dedicated effort to do an hourly click of the shadows. Presenting them to you.

From tomorrow onwards, you don’t need a clock, You have mother nature around.


Combating Covid-19: Run a 42km marathon in UAE even as you #StayHome

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Are you itching to go for a run? I know “Running is like an addiction and If you don’t run for a long time, you get itchy feet.”
I am sure, a few from here will participate in this without fail. Best wishes in advance.

IIT Roorkee develops low-cost ventilator to fight against Coronavirus

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IIT Roorkee develops low-cost ventilator to fight against Coronavirus!! The closed-loop ventilator “Prana-Vayu” developed in collaboration with AIIMS, does not require compressed air and is useful when hospital wards and open areas are converted into ICUs. The ventilator is based on the controlled operation of the prime mover to deliver the required amount of air to the patient. The automated process controls the pressure and flow rates in the inhalation and exhalation lines. The ventilator will be useful for a wide degree of congestion in the respiratory tract and is applicable for all age group patients, especially the elderly. Great. Join with us to congratulate Akshay Dvivedi, Arup Kumar Das and team. Team IIT Roorkee deserve a big round of applause.


Source: #LinkedIn  – The EvXprts Foundation