Month: April 2013

Hurray – Its raining in Abu Dhabi – 6th April 2013

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It started with dust storm and now it is raining. Good to moderately heavy rain with thunder and lightning, unusual for all Abu Dhabi residents. Enjoy the rain, but drive safely if you are on the road.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
06th April 2013, 09:40 pm

Caution – Foot over bridge work in progress! – Kadugodi pedestrians over bridge issue update

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Caution – Foot over bridge work in progress!

It’s an interesting site to note. At last the foot over bridge work in progress..
A big caution – as announced in the sign clearly. We all do not know how long it will take to finish.
As written wrongly, there are several wrong things associated with this construction project taken up by the authorities. It may continue for a longer time than we all expect.
So, watch your way. There are no barricades, no protection, no safety measures to safeguard public who move around towards the railway and bus station.
I am really amazed by the service standards and approach towards safety of one of the leading government organisation of India!.
With absolutely no lighting at night, I wish this project site does not become another accident spot.
Please Take Care, and also call all those who supported in the cry for this foot over bridge to continue watching and keep our cry loud and clear till it becomes a reality.
Ramesh Menon
Picture courtesy : Jayanth Bhat

Celebration time is approaching

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Celebration time is approaching

On April 17, The National is going to be five years old. It’s a date all news lovers in the UAE remember as they received their first copy of the newspaper and saw it online for the first time.
The newspaper stands out by virtue of its excellent content, both local and global, as well as clear presentation.
I am happy to have been a reader of The National from the very beginning. All of us should celebrate this milestone.
I wish you all the best.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Stub it out

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Stub it out 
Smoking is an addiction. Several times we are in a work environment where colleagues like to smoke. For some, it is difficult to quit for whatever reasons. These days, fortunately, we have special smoking zones located away from the building entrance.
I have a colleague who is junior to me in age. Whenever I see him going out for a smoke, I request him to stub the habit out. He merely smiles and proceeds his own way. Our office is situated in a high-rise. We operate from different floors, his being in a lower one.
One day, as I was waiting for the elevator to go upwards, this colleague came rushing to go down for a smoke.
The lift that arrived was going up. I told him to join me up first and then go down to the basement. I continued, “You don’t stop smoking. By holding you back for some time, at least I could prolong some precious moments of your life away from your self- inflicted suicidal habit.”
He smiled and has promised to try quitting the habit.
Ramesh Menon
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Mandatory GPS

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Mandatory GPS Many of the leading airlines in the UAE provide the limousine service to pick up and drop off their business and first class passengers. However, recently it has become a nightmare to deal with the transport companies that carry out this service on behalf of the airlines. The guests are confirmed and then reconfirmed of their booking and address, two days prior to their departure. It is then followed up with a phone call, when the guests are given the contact number of their driver. Beyond all this, on the day of travel the driver usually finds it difficult to reach the passenger’s given address at the promised time, which leads to worries about the delay in reaching the airport on time.

Guests sometimes hire a taxi or ask a friend for an emergency drop off. This happens, I believe, when the transport companies use drivers based in Dubai to pick up passengers from Abu Dhabi or vice versa. I humbly request all major airlines functioning in the UAE to make it mandatory for their service providers to install a Global Positioning System (GPS) in their vehicles. This would save the hassle for both drivers and passengers. In addition, an effective implementation of GPS in all taxis within the cities should also be thought about and incorporated soon to make our transport system much more efficient.

From Mr Ramesh Menon,Abu Dhabi

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​Run to fight cancer

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​Run to fight cancer

The Pinkathon movement promotes awareness about breast cancerwhich has a high incidence rate amongst Indians. It is the second most common form of cancer with the number of new cases being reported rising yearly.

A majority of the new cases are caught in advanced stages, thereby increasing the mortality rates. Most of these cases are reported fromurban India with the metros of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata figuring prominently. Breast cancer in these areas is three times more than in rural India.

Apart from genetic causes, women with higher educational qualifications and an adaptation of the westernized lifestyle are more at risk of contracting breast cancer. A point to be noted is that breast cancer when detected in the early stages, is one of the most curable forms of cancer. Self-examination, clinical examinations and mammographic tests are the basic steps involved.

The Times of India presents Pinkathon in association with Times Foundation

To register SMS TOIBFW PINK YOUR NAME to 58888
Date of Marathon: 7th April 2013
Venue: Sree Kanteerava Stadium
Time: 6.30 am Free:
First 500 registrations before 29th March
Registrations close on 31st March 2013

My comments as follows:

I sincerely wish it create the awareness in the most genuine way. Most of the time, these runs create only momentary awareness and all forget the danger that is slowly affecting most of the women. Awareness on Breast Cancer should be taken to all level through continuous Corporate and Social participation. Regular presentation to schools and colleges to make young girls and working women understand how to do a self examination and how to monitor if there is any signs of it. They should be also encouraged to pass on this knowledge to their family and friends. Let no life be lost due to Breast Cancer

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