Day: June 24, 2007

Electronic Sign boards – Dubai

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Dear Members,

Team 1 always keeps an eye on what’s new and interesting happening around. It is also meant to continuously promote Quality and sustain the development. With this view in mind, all options and resources available to promote Quality initiatives are explored, possibilities identified, and communications generated and results attempted and achieved. At times or many times, it may be failure, but by repetition, these attempts get converted to Success. It is not the question of whether you are in Cochin, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai or Canada. It is the initiative to go for a change, if you feel that it is required and can be achieved with quality communication methods. Dubai Government has a forum for its expatriates and residents to communicate them their suggestions and complaints. It is through their web page:,ou=People,o=public,dc=dm,dc=gov,dc=ae

and through their programme “Have Your Say”. Do utilise this. I regularly contribute to this site. And the response time is some times as fast as 1-2 hours from the time you post a request. When they say, Dubai is growing fast; it means also that they have a government who listens fast… When are we going to get a pro-active administrative set up? My friends from Cochin and Bangalore – I am sure you are reading this. If you wait, you will always wait.

There are several things that we can do, but we don’t do – Why? This is my question for you all this evening.

Have a good evening,

Ramesh Menon


It is a son’s world

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It is a son’s world by Seema Burman HT New Delhi, June 22, 2007

When my maternal uncle was alive his only son quietly made plans to settle in Germany with his wife. Without informing his father or sister he bought tickets and sold all movable things at home.

A week before he left, everyone was informed of his plans. People criticised him for abandoning his father. The married daughter who was settled in Bhopal, shifted to Delhi to look after her father.

A year later the father was admitted to a private hospital and died. The son came from Germany, paid the bills and performed all the death ceremomes. People now said that after all, he had come all the way, so he was not a bad son.

No word about how he had neglected his father or how his sister had to disrupt her personal life to take care of old Dad. This is what life teaches every daughter. That our society values a son more because he has the religious sanction to perform death ceremonies and grant them liberation (mukti).

A daughter may have given them love, care, sensitivity, time, service, but the son gets preference because he carries forward the family name and performs shraadh. He may be uncaring, arrogant and indifferent but for parents a son is their treasure.

Two years back in our neighbourhood a man died without leaving a will. His only son sold the bungalow and took away his sick mother without informing his three sisters who then approached the courts for a share of the property.

Is this the family structure we boast of to the world? Where does love and laughter vanish when siblings become adults? Are we right in blaming a newly wed for poisoning a son’s brain? Love for a daughter has to come from within.

Saints repeatedly clarify that death ceremonies need not be performed only by one’s own son.

And what guarantee is there that a son will perfOrm the shraadh? If parents do not reciprocate a daughter’s love, won’t Heaven, which claims to be just and fair, reproach them for their insensitivity?

On your way – a display on a shop window in Abu Dhabi Hamdan Street

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Dear Members,

Many times during our hectic schedules we come across several funny things which will act as a refresher. This ad display at one of the shop in the main Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi is one of them. You may find many during in your day’s running around. Do not hesitate to pass on. May be the artist who drew this poster was also rushing from one job to another and missed something very important. Many times, we too do the same – Missing something valuable for NOTHING.

Find beauty & humour in everything. Enjoy life as it is. Have a great day.

Ramesh Menon