Day: June 21, 2007

Enhancing Relationship

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Team 1 news – 21 Jun 07- Pg 1

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Dear Members,

Again another change from Team 1 news. I used to address you all, Dear friends and Dear Patrons. I realised the big mistake in it yesterday while I was talking to a CEO friend of mine, just before he was leaving for a crucial staff meeting. With conflicts in views and thoughts around it was something like a mediatory meeting to console and adjoin two warring factions within the establishment. He told me on his way – I am not going there as a CEO. I am going there as a Team Leader and let me see how I can change the situation. And he did. It was another eye opener to me. In a successful team, only members exist. Each one has a definite and distinct role and it is up to them to play it in the best way they can with a common vision. Just like that of a well tuned musical orchestra – the sound coming out from it should be melodious and memorable forever.

Keep writing and do not hold on to your thoughts as Your Comments Count.

God Bless,

Ramesh Menon