Day: June 20, 2007

Speed on Brother – Hell isn’t full yet

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Dear Friends and Dear Patrons,

Welcome to another new day in your life. Each day is a memorable one on its own merit. We make it so, whatever be the circumstances. If we don’t we are the losers. I believe passionately that TQM and Positive Thinking has a bigger role in our day to day life and it is this passion that is making me find time to create this update each day, however busy I am. Those who work with me or those whom I communicate regularly are well aware of the shortness of the space between the needles in my clock. But, I try to make that short space bigger enough to do all this, as passionately and as creatively, without affecting any of my professional and personal objectives. The joy of doing it really unexplainable.

Whenever I think of writing a specific management topic, Cricket as a sport comes into it, may be due to the passion I have for that game, or may be due to the extra coverage it is getting world wide. I have to bring in Montey Panesar to our columns due to his excellent performance in the just concluded series against West Indies. He is a character to watch on the field. May even beat Mr. Bean, by his fielding actions and running style. A year ago he was visiting India for a tour, and he was thoroughly written down in newspaper columns by our own spin experts including Harbajan Singh. But he kept on his cool temperament, worked hard, and got selected to the World Cup Cricket Matches and performed well there in the West Indies. He didn’t relax. He went on further from there. Yesterday’s performance is the second time he is taking more than 5 wickets consecutively. It’s just another example of determination. I am sure we will be able to see many more such while our Harbajan Singh takes care of his business interests back home.

I am getting very interesting comments, responses and suggestions which is helping me to improve the standards of this discussion forum day by day. If any one of you are not able to post your comments at, due to some reasons, do not hesitate to email to me at Your Comments Count.

Have a great day ahead.

Ramesh Menon

*~*”All great achievements and success in life, and all changes for the better have one powerful characteristic in common: The First Step.Take the first step, and the journey has a way of taking care of itself.” *~* Team 1 Dubai – Committed to Continuous Improvement. *~*